Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Down One To Go

Well friends I'm finally sharing some pictures from our second of a three bedroom makeover. I painted the walls the same gray and white as the first bedroom makeover. This bedroom was brown so it really did lighten things up. I decided I really didn't want curtains ,so I found this old architectural piece to go above the only window in the room. I painted my oak sleigh bed black. I recovered and painted the two chairs in the corner of the room. I found a quilt at TJ Maxx. The little chest of drawers was really in bad shape, but Jack gave it some tender loving care and nursed it back to health. I found one of those old bed lamps that clamp on the headboard and recovered it. I must admit I smile as  I pass by the room and think......not bad. I am moving on to paint the hall next and then on to my bedroom. Please be patient that one may take a while.






  1. Carolyn, your room is gorgeous, I love all the black furniture. And the piece above the window is great. I can't wait to see what you do with the other bedroom.
    Miss you, hope you have a great Wednesday!!
    Hugs, Pat

  2. OOOOOH! I love the room and the choice of colors. Very inviting and relaxing!

  3. Carolyn,
    it looks so beautifull, love all the old furnichures,you made black, the picture above your bed is with my favorits schripture.
    Hugd, Dorthe

  4. Things are coming alone very nicely on your make over there. I lost you for awhile but have you in my blog roll now. I love to see the photos of your Heidi she is so pretty. Take care and keep in touch. Nan

  5. Hey Sista,
    I Love the blue with the black & the light grey walls. Beautiful! And that dresser, oh how cool is that! It all looks wonderful, still waiting to see it all in person....hint! You always make me feel so good Carolyn. Got your card. I really cherish you my friend. Please call me, I'm done with my work, I can play now. Hope all is well. Lisa