Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bunny Panic Attack

Today it occurred to me Easter is April 4th and I did not have one Easter decoration out yet. I headed for the attic. I definitely need a trip to Hobby Lobby to freshen up and add to my bunnies.


  1. Hey Sista,
    It does seem like Easter just snuck up on us, doesn't it? We're doing on vacation so I'm not even bringing one chicky out of storage. What a bad Mommy! Spring break is kickin' my booty girl! A bunch of us are hooking up Tues or Thurs for gossip, grub & junkin!! Wish you could come! Lisa

  2. Your'e ahead of me girl! I haven't done a thing for Easter. And as far behind as I am... I might not. I did do a faux cake for an Easter Swap I am in (yes, you remember the one I threw in the trash at Art Night????) & it turned out really cute. I need to finish it up & SHIP THAT PUPPY OUT!!!! But, that's the only Easter at my house. SHAME! Maybe you have inspired me. HUGS!

  3. LOVE HEIDI in the bluebonnets!

  4. Hi-
    I too am a Texas blogger, and I understand your panic.
    I am feeling the same way-
    so tomorrow I am off to Hobby Lobby.

    Enjoyed visiting,