Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This time every year my heart starts yearning for fields of bluebonnets and pastures of antiques. Friday morning I'm headed for the Round Top Antiques Fair. I took a few pictures around my house of my treasures from past trips.


  1. You lucky girl!!!!!!! I'm pouting!!!!! I would sooooooooo LOVE to go. But, I just couldn't find anybody to go with me. Lisa already had vacation plans & Lori wasn't sure, Pat is getting ready for Antique Alley, & Deryn is just coming back from Art Fest in Washington. Guess we'll just have to start making plans for FALL! HAVE FUN & TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS! Yes, we missed you yesterday. We did have fun. HUGS! Charlene

  2. Jeepers, I think I need to move closer to all of you girls, then we could together!!! Have fun and take lots of pictures, I never get to go antiquing unless it's online!!! Love the wonderful treasures you found last time!
    Margaret B

  3. YOu are sooooo lucky, wish I could be with you, but I have Antique Alley coming up, soon. I'm still working on that every day. I love that vase, the other things are pretty too, but that vase is to die for. Wish you could have been with us yesterday. We had so much fun. Even with me and Lisa stopped up with alergies or sinus or hay fever. But we shopped anyway. Talk to you soon.
    Hugs, Pat

  4. Oh sister, I am so jealous!! I love those fields of 'blue'! LOL The lampshade & tole sconce are killin' me! You know I love me some barkcloth. Have a wonderful time. Next time your going with ME! Lisa

  5. Lucky you! I wish I was going!!! but have taken too much time off from work in a short period of time. Maybe in the fall we can get a group together. I've never been. :(

    Hope to see you at art group...

    hugs, Joanna